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Sunday, February 6, 2011

28days : [to my dearest illustrator]


February, the most unique month for just having 28 days in it. For this special month, why not do something special as well?

Combining our 5 artist hand drawn and collage skills with utmost creativity that later a set of 28 most special postcards came out. We named these postcards "28 days : [to my dearest illustrator]" and will be sent to 28 other illustrators from all over the world, starting on the 1st of February.

To make the month of February a special one, we will send out one postcard everyday until the end of the month. These postcards will be bringing surprises to 28 other illustrators from all over the world.

Hopefully we will succeed in bringing warmest surprises to all of you in this February. And hope that you all like the postcards as well.
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2月, 只有28天, 是一年裡獨特的一個月. 在這特別的月份 我們應該做些特別的事, 這邊有5個插畫家, 用了手繪/剪貼的方式, 做了28張明信片.
標題為 "28days : [給插畫家的明信片]" 給插畫家的明信片小活動.
在來臨的2月的28天裡, 我們會從 2月1日開始, 寄出第一張明信片, 而後會每一天寄出一張明信片, 給來自世界各地 28位不同的插畫家, 直到 ''第28天'' 為止.
來完成這個 "28days : [給插畫家的明信片]" 給插畫家的明信片活動吧!
希望在這個 2月, 我們可以帶來一些溫暖的小驚喜, 也希望你們會喜歡這些明信片~
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