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Saturday, March 24, 2012

青蛙王子袋 frog prince bag

大家好,我是大嘴青蛙王子....              halo everybody, i'm big mouth frog prince...

歹势啦 初次见面                     nice to meet you all

我娘说我有漂亮的大红唇~ my mom said that i got Angelina 's lip~
A..也就是血盆大口啦..                         A...that means big mouth la...

但我会保存你所有的秘密,不会乱乱说出去地..         but i'll keep all your secrets and wont let other people know...
我有暖暖的身体...           i got warm body...

还有脆脆的铃声可以提醒你我的存在  and small bell ringing to let u notice me

来带我出去玩吧....当然你要吻我的话,可以...不过,我还是青蛙界的王子啦~~~so take me out to play...if u want to kiss me, i dont mind, but i'll remain prince in frog world~~


  1. 這個會不會太誇張勁了一點吓?

  2. 做么开嘴后,酱像壁虎的!!!!很可怕叻!